Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products sold on BOSCOshop website genuine? All the products sold on our website are 100% genuine. Many of our products are Australian Certified Organic and USDA Organic Certified. We source all our products from the actual manufacturer and ensure that each and every product undergoes thorough quality check and has the longest expiry date possible.
How long should I wait before my product arrives? Shipping may take up to 10
business days since we ensure all the items have long expiry dates and shipped directly to you from Australia.
Why the delivery takes so long? As the goods need to come from Australia, we ship in 2 stages. First stage is bulk shipping of items to our warehouses in Malaysia and Singapore via airfreight. The shipment is then handed over to local couriers for delivery.
Why the tracking number provided is not working? Tracking may not appear because your shipment is currently in transit from Australia to Malaysia or Singapore and tracking through a local courier only commences after your item is picked up by the local courier from our warehouse in Malaysia and Singapore. Please allow 2-3 business days for the tracking to appear. You are most welcome to contact us and we will be happy to track your order for you.
Could I pick up my order from your warehouse? We do not hold any inventory in our warehouses in Malaysia and Singapore and your order is shipped specifically from Australia to ensure we do not have stock which is too old or expired. We want to provide you with the original item that has been manufactured most recently with longest expiry date.
What if my order is lost in transit? We have 99% delivery success rate. If your item is lost in transit, we offer either a full refund or replacement of your order.
My order differs from the one pictured on your website. Why? Sometimes manufacturers change packaging and supply us with re-packaged stock. Please be rest assured, if your item arrives in a different packaging, it means that it underwent upgrade by the manufacturer.
Are the products packaged well?

We take all the possible steps to ensure all our orders leave the warehouse packaged extremely well. We vacuum seal certain products to ensure they don't leak their contents in transit. If your product arrives damaged/leaked, etc. Please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the problem.
What if I am not happy with my purchase. Can I return the item for a full refund? Absolutely. If you are unhappy with the product received, please contact us to organise a refund.